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Our goal as a curriculum team is to:

  • Provide assistance to the faculty and staff in developing and using instructional strategies to implement technology within the classroom setting.
  • Prepare and deliver training sessions using technology to improve teaching and learning. 
  • Demonstrate teaching strategies with students in the classroom that integrate technology. 
  • Initiate programs supporting best practices for the 21st Century Classroom. 



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Technology to Support Common Core


Elementary App List

Secondary App List



Folder Copyright (3 Files)
pdf file copyright chart.pdf
pdf file fairuse.pdf
ppt file Copyright in the Classroom.pptx
Folder Digital Citizenship (3 Files)
pdf file class-1-become-an-online-sleuth.pdf
pdf file class-2-manage-your-digital-footprint.pdf
pdf file class-3-identify-tricks-and-scams-online.pdf
Folder Digital Conversion (8 Files)
pdf file technology-integration-guide-implementa.pdf
pdf file 1to1-ms_essentials_program_poster_0.pdf
pdf file 1to1-es_essentials_program_poster.pdf
pdf file teaching-with-technology-checklist-2013.pdf
pdf file OER_handout-v4.pdf
pdf file DOK Question Stems.pdf
doc file Questioning.docx
doc file Digital Conversion.doc
Folder Discovery Education (3 Files)
pdf file manual.pdf
pdf file DES_UserGuide.pdf
pdf file Discovery Ed.pdf
Folder iPads (1 Files)
pdf file iPad as Teachers Pet.pdf
Folder Microsoft 365 (6 Files)
WindowsMediaPlayer file OneNote Basics.mp4
pdf file OneNote_Tutorial.pdf
doc file Creating and sharing in skydrive 101_THS.docx
doc file Creating and sharing in skydrive 101_VMS.docx
ppt file CreateYourFirstOneNote2013Notebook.pptx
ppt file Get-To-Know-Office-365.pptx
Folder Presentation Tools (12 Files)
doc file Terrific Presentation Tech Tools - Student Document.docx
pdf file Turning ppt slides into .jpg.pdf
pdf file Photo Story Ideas.pdf
pdf file prezi_for_students.pdf
pdf file Microsoft Photo Story 3.pdf
pdf file Photo Story Basics Side by Side.pdf
pdf file 20 Presentation Tech Tools for Kids.pdf
pdf file New Look Prezi Quick Start sheet.pdf
pdf file Windows-Movie-Maker-Cheat-Sheet2.pdf
pdf file Windows_Live_Movie_Maker_Guide.pdf
pdf file windowslivemoviemaker.pdf
doc file Creating Digital Stories with Photo Story 3.docx
Folder Promethean (11 Files)
smartboard file Promethean Introduction (Level 1).flipchart
smartboard file Promethean Intermediate (Level 2).flipchart
smartboard file Promethean Advanced (Level 3).flipchart
smartboard file Promethean Expert (Level 4).flipchart
pdf file BeginnerTraining1 5 10.pdf
pdf file Hide and Reveal Technique Invisible inkdoc.pdf
pdf file Locking objects.pdf
pdf file Inspire_Quicksheet.pdf
pdf file Handout-InspireMod1.pdf
pdf file Using ActiVotes with Study Island.pdf
pdf file ActivSlate.pdf
Folder Schoolnet (5 Files)
pdf file SN_CreatingAssessments_QRC.pdf
pdf file SN QRC-Classrooms-Student Performance.pdf
pdf file SchoolNet instructions for Printing Reports.pdf
pdf file SchoolNet instructions for adding questions into Item Central.pdf
pdf file How to Enter Open Response Scores Into Schoolnet.pdf
Folder Staff Development (8 Files)
doc file Elem iPad Agenda.doc
doc file Secondary iPad Agenda.doc
doc file Tech Integration.doc
ppt file Invisible Technology_BTCS.pptx
pdf file Tips_Tricks_85x11.pdf
pdf file 10toolscommoncore3.pdf
ppt file Invisible Technology_BTCS.pptx
pdf file GoogleTips.pdf
Folder Study Island (2 Files)
doc file Parent Overview Letter.docx
pdf file 2012 Teacher Manual.pdf
Folder Web 2.0 (8 Files)
pdf file Starter sheet - Adv Google search.pdf
pdf file starter sheet - wordle.pdf
pdf file starter sheet - voicethread.pdf
pdf file bubbl.pdf
pdf file starter sheet - mindmeister.pdf
pdf file starter sheet - animoto.pdf
pdf file startersheet - formative assess with voicethread.pdf
pdf file starter sheet - wordle.pdf

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