Division of Facilities and Maintenance

Current projects:

  • Continuing with Preventative Maintenance
  • Supporting the schools in the new school year
  • Preparing for Winter, Spring and Summer projects
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of BTCS Facilities
  • Completing work orders
  • Providing normal support functions for athletics and school-sponsored activities


  • Operation and maintenance of the school system buildings
  • Maintenance of BTCS grounds
  • Support of the School Nutrition Department
  • Storage and delivery of custodial products needed by the schools
  • Management of the non-school use of the BTCS facilities
  • Support of the schools and their staff as needed
  • Management of the custodial subcontractor

Who We Are

The department is made up of 22 individuals. We have seven ground crew members, three carpenters, one plumber, one HVAC tech, one HVAC filter tech, one electrician, two painters, one mechanic, three security guards, one administrative assistant, and one supervisor.

The location at 1000 Oakland Avenue houses our offices, shops, warehouse, and a system-wide freezer and cooler. Our shops include an extensive woodworking shop, a welding shop, and a machine shop.

Public Use of BTCS Facilities

The Department coordinates the use of BTCS facilities by the public. Any member of the public wishing to use a BTCS facility should contact the department. Public use of the facilities is governed by Bristol Tennessee Board of Education Policy Number 5.105 . The Facility Use Guidelines, required by the policy, govern the public use of BTCS facilities. All users must read, understand, and comply with the Facility Use Guidelines. For more information about using our facilities, please visit www.btcs.org. Once there, click on the "Resources" tab, then click on "Public Use of Facilities."

For large group events, such as tournaments, dinners, etc., BTCS requires that a day porter be present at the event to open and close the facility, provide day porter duties, and assist with event clean-up. Our subcontract cleaning service will provide the day porter and the after event clean up. The user will pay for this service.

Contact Information

The Department of Facilities and Maintenance mailing address is 1000 College Avenue, Bristol, TN 37620.
You can contact Brandi Detrick at: Phone (423) 652-9447, Fax (423) 652-9573, or
email  detrickb@btcs.org

The Bristol Tennessee City School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.

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