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TNReady Testing Changes

On Monday evening we were notified that due to technical issues with online testing at the state level, the state is now requiring school districts to give all state achievement tests using paper and pencil. The paper and pencil change is for the remainder of this school year, which includes parts I and II of TNReady and TCAP.

Unlike many districts in the state, we had not yet begun spring testing; therefore, our students did not experience the issues yesterday. As you know, students, teachers, and support staff have worked very hard this school year. From an academic and technology standpoint, we are confident that our students and entire district were prepared for the online testing platform had it not been for the state issues. Therefore, we are extremely disappointed in this change.

The state has not notified us of the exact dates, but has said that the part I testing window will be moved until later in the month.  We will communicate the new testing schedule once the state provides it to us.

Thanks to all for your continued support!

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