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Snow Schedules and School Closings

Snow Schedules and School Closings

For the latest, call Weather Info Line at 652-9554.

Your Child's Safety is our #1 Priority
At Bristol Tennessee City Schools our number one priority is the safety of  all  our  students. When  inclement weather  is  occurring, schedule  change decisions are taken very seriously. When snow is falling or when we know ice and snow are already on the roads, streets are inspected and then decisions are made about the day’s schedule. It is our intent to announce schedule changes to all media outlets by 6 a.m. A delay is often used to allow city crews time to clear roads. If conditions worsen, a decision to cancel school will be made by 7:30 a.m. Weather conditions can change rapidly, and BTCS officials realize that when road conditions are clear in some areas of the city, conditions may be different on your street.  

Temperature-based Delays
BTCS sometimes uses a two-hour delay when very frigid weather occurs temperatures dip into the single-digits, parents should check for schedule changes. Realizing everyone might not check for a delay if roads are clear, we will attempt to announce temperature-based delays the evening before so there will be time to get the word out.

Several factors are considered when deciding whether or not this type of delay is needed. When there is strong wind, cold temperatures become much more problematic as the wind chill factor can make it feel like zero or below. We also monitor how much the temperature is forecast to improve over the span of a delay. Ideally, there will be a significant improvement if the delay is to be worthwhile. When single-digit temperatures are forecast for the morning hours, be sure to check www.btcs.org or the Weather Info Line for schedule changes.

Snow Schedules
In an effort to maximize safety yet minimize the number of school closures due to snow, Bristol Tennessee City Schools utilizes a two-hour snow schedule. When a snow schedule is announced for Bristol Tennessee City Schools, the two-hour delayed schedule will be as follows: Elementary will begin at 10:10 a.m. and Vance and Tennessee High will begin at 9:30 a.m.

Schedule Announcements
As soon as decisions are made concerning either snow schedules or school closings (including during the day if schools are closed early), information will be given to the following media sources for public announcements:


Keep your television or radio tuned to one of these stations on days of threatening weather. Please do not depend on a single source for information. Because of our communication procedures, announcements are often "on-air" before messages get to the schools.

The cooperation of parents, students and staff is important when schedules are altered in order for students to be provided optimal learning opportunities.

Additional information sources
Please visit us at www.btcs.org to keep up-to-date with schedule changes, notices about important events and general information. While online, you may wish to sign up to become a BTCS fan on Facebook or Twitter, as all schedule changes are also posted there.

If you would like to receive a text alert when our school system is closed or delayed due to weather, text BRTN to 62582. You only need to do this once. When a schedule change is made, you will receive a text with that information. Standard charges apply.

Bristol Tennessee City Schools accepts and respects    parents' decisions to keep their children home when they are concerned about hazardous weather. However, Tennessee attendance laws require that students who are not present be marked absent. Procedures for making up missed   assignments will be the same as for other absences.

Make-Up Time
There are 13 snow days built into the calendar. Three of those are designated for inservice. In the event schools are closed for inclement weather or other situations, the remaining 10 days will not be made up. If more than 10 days are missed, the calendar will be reviewed by the director of schools with a recommendation to the board for action.

Parents are encouraged to plan their calendars to allow for this flexibility. Unfortunately, school officials cannot predict weather. Every effort will be made to make safe decisions, while recognizing the importance of time for learning.

Food Service
On snow schedule days, the school breakfast program will not operate. Lunches will still be served as scheduled.

In order to ensure safety of students, bus drivers are directed to use their best judgment and run only on streets that are clear. This may cause their time schedules to vary slightly since they must watch for students who are walking from hazardous streets to meet the bus.                     

School Supplies

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