K-12 Curriculum Information

Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary - Mrs. Jennifer Rouse rousej@btcs.org

Administrative Assistant - Allison Williams - 423-652-9496 williamsa@btcs.org

Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary - Dr. Annette Tudor tudora@btcs.org

Administrative Assistant - Shana Burroughs- 423-652-9234 burroughss@btcs.org



Folder Curriculum Maps (18 Files)
pdf file 1st Grade ELA
pdf file 1st Grade Math
pdf file 2nd Grade ELA
pdf file 2nd Grade Math
pdf file 3rd Grade ELA
pdf file 3rd Grade Math
pdf file 3rd Grade Social Studies
pdf file 4TH Grade ELA
pdf file 4th Grade Math
pdf file 4th Grade Social Studies
pdf file 5th Grade ELA
pdf file 5th Grade Math
pdf file 5th Grade Social Studies
pdf file 6th Grade ELA
pdf file 6th Grade Math
pdf file 6th Grade Social Studies
pdf file Kindergarten ELA
pdf file PreK-K Grade Math
Folder District Framework (2 Files)
pdf file Curriculum Framework
pdf file Personalized Learning
Folder RACE unCamp Highlights Video (1 Files)
WindowsMediaPlayer file RACE unCamp 2016 Highlights Video
Folder Testing & Assessment Resources (3 Files)
pdf file Formative Assessment Strategies
pdf file Test Taking Strategies
ppt file Test Taking Strategies Presentation for Students

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