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Bus Routes

Bus routes for each individual school are available here. To view a particular route, simply click on the file you want to view.

Bus Conduct

The school bus or any school vehicle is an extension of school activity; therefore, students shall conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with the established standards for safety and classroom behavior.

(TCA 49-6-4102) Students are under the supervision and control of the bus driver or appropriate adult supervisor while on their bus, and all reasonable directions given by him/her shall be followed. The principal of the student transported shall be informed by the bus driver or appropriate supervisor of any serious discipline problem and may be called upon to assist if necessary.

A student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus if the principal determines that his/her behavior is such as to cause disruption on the bus, or if he/she disobeys state or local rules and regulations pertaining to student transportation. Due process will be provided to a student prior to removing the students' bus riding privileges.

Any student who gets off the bus at any point between the pick-up point and school must present the bus driver with a note of authorization from the parent or the principal of the school that the student attends.

Any student wishing to ride a bus other than his/her designated bus must have written parental permission and approval of the principal or his/her designee.

Students who transfer from bus to bus while en route to and from school shall be expected to abide by the discipline policies adopted by the Board and rules adopted by the staff of the terminal school.

Rules for Bus Conduct

Students shall conform to the following rules of bus behavior:

  • Remain back from the roadway while awaiting the bus;
  • Students shall not attempt to board the bus until the bus is fully stopped or leave their seats on the bus until their destination is reached;
  • Keep hands, arms, and heads inside the bus;
  • Articles such as athletic equipment, books, and musical instruments must be kept out of the aisles;
  • The emergency door shall be used for emergencies only;
  • Students are not permitted to open windows without the permission of the bus driver;
  • Students are under the supervision of the bus driver, and all reasonable directions given by him/her shall be followed;
  • Throwing objects in and out of the bus is prohibited;
  • Lighting matches, spitting, littering, and use of tobacco are prohibited on the bus;
  • Students shall refrain from rude, discourteous, and annoying conduct;
  • Fighting, pushing, tripping, or scuffling types of behavior are prohibited on the bus;
  • Wait for a signal from the bus driver before crossing the street at a bus stop. When crossing a street is necessary, students shall always go far enough ahead of the bus so they are able to see the face of the bus driver, and he may adequately observe them.

Contact information

If you need assistance with information about Bristol Tennessee City Schools, transportation services, please contact Scott Latham at 423-652-9244 or [email protected].

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