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Child Find


What is the purpose of Child Find?

The purpose of Child Find is to locate and evaluate children who are suspected of having a developmental delay or disability.  If it is determined that the disability interferes with the child’s learning, early childhood special education and/or other additional services may be recommended. Other services may include (but not limited to) speech/language therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

   When should a child be referred to Preschool Child Find?
  • When a physical condition or medical disorder interferes with the child’s development and/or learning
  • When a child seems to have difficulty understanding simple directions
  • When a child seems to have difficulty hearing or seeing
  • When the parent or those outside the family do not understand what the child is saying
  • When the child appears to be learning more slowly than other children his/her age
  • When the child appears to have social or emotional difficulties that affect development
  • When the child may not be meeting developmental milestones (physical, cognitive, adaptive, social-emotional, communication)

Concerns need not be limited to those listed above.  Any condition which may affect a child’s ability to learn can be the basis for a referral. 

Who may refer children?

  • Parents/Legal Guardians
  • Other Family Members
  • Physicians
  • School Personnel
  • Child Care Providers
  • Community Agencies
  • TEIS Staff

Parental involvement and consent is needed for further action.

Overview of the Process:

STEP 1: Request screening. An appointment is scheduled with written parental consent for screening.

STEP 2: Evaluation: Evaluations will be conducted by the appropriate staff member.

STEP 3: Eligibility Meeting: The team meets to discuss evaluation results and determines eligibility for SPED services.

STEP 4: Individualized Education Plan meeting (IEP): The IEP is developed and placement of services will be determined.


 Tennessee Early Intervention Services (TEIS)


Birth to 3 years old

 Preschool Child Find Program:


 3-5 years old

 (Children NOT in Kindergarten)

 School-Age Program:

 Contact the Administrator at your child’s locally zoned school.

 5-21 years old

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