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Officer Corby Honored for Service
Officer Corby Honored for Service
Posted on 12/09/2022
Officer Corby

Congratulations to Fairmount School Resource Officer Bradley Corby who received the Bristol First, Serving with P.R.I.D.E. Award at the December 6 Bristol Tennessee City Council meeting.

Officer Corby was nominated for the award by Fairmount Principal Kelli Campbell and BTCS Director of Schools Annette Tudor for his acts of service and heroism during an incident which occured on August 16, 2022, at the school.

In her nomination, Principal Campbell wrote the following about Officer Corby:

"Students at our school were greeted with a new face on the first day of school. School Resource Officer Bradley Corby was assigned to the school this year and wasted no time getting to know our students, staff, and families. His typical day starts by greeting students in the car line each morning, and in the afternoons, he can be found chatting with students loading buses and even on a bus making sure students understand bus expectations.

"Throughout the day, Officer Corby is also intentional about interacting with students, whether in the cafeteria or gym class. While spending time with fifth graders at recess, students tapped into Officer Corby’s competitive nature by challenging him to a paper airplane contest. After conducting extensive online research, Officer Corby put his paper airplane skills to the test. While he didn’t claim the paper airplane victory, the relationships he established with students with his genuine show of interest were the ultimate prize.

"In the classroom, first grade teacher Tiffany Stroup enlisted Officer Corby to “deputize” her new first grade Shoe Tying Sheriffs. As new students learn to tie their shoes, Officer Corby awards them badges. The students wear their badges proudly, and if a fellow classmate has a shoe that is untied, they can ask a Shoe Typing Sheriff for assistance. As more students learn, more badges are earned. Earning badges from Officer Corby is a big motivator for students.

Officer Corby’s efforts to build relationships with Fairmount students were never more important than on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 16, during the afterschool LEAP program. Although Officer Corby was off duty, I contacted him to get more information about the lockdown situation. He informed me it was due to a suspect in the area who had been served a warrant and was evading arrest. Officer Corby immediately requested permission from his supervisor to report back to work at the school.

"Upon his return to the school, Officer Corby joined me with students and staff in the gym and quickly took the lead to calmly explain why the school was in lockdown. Although he had only been at the school for a couple of weeks, he had established trust with students, and his presence and reassurance helped them remain calm and confident of a positive outcome. His support was equally reassuring to our staff who were helping guide students through the situation.

"As Officer Corby assisted with a controlled dismissal of students, he heard on his police radio that the suspect was at a location near the driveway of the school. With all staff and students safely inside the school, Officer Corby pursued the suspect on foot, caught him, and made the arrest.

I am so thankful and grateful for Officer Corby! In such a short period of time, he has earned an unbelievable amount of trust from our students, staff, and especially me. I have no doubt in my mind that he would do whatever it takes to keep us safe.


In her nomination, Dr. Annette Tudor had this to say about Officer Corby:

"I am thankful for Officer Corby and our partnership with the Bristol Tennessee Police Department. The School Resource Officers in our buildings are incredible. The police department recognizes the value of hiring quality officers and providing high-quality training, which also includes the importance of nurturing relationships with all students. Officer Corby is a shining example of that.

"Whether it be with SROs or other safety planning, the department is always working alongside us to ensure we have the safest environment possible for teaching and learning. We spend many hours with them to prepare and practice for crisis situations. So, some may say, “this is all in a day’s work” for Officer Corby. However, it was not in his “day’s work.” His workday was over, and he was enjoying his downtime at the gym, but he did not hesitate when he knew his students and staff could be in harm’s way. He responded.

"That’s a great story, right? Officer Corby requested permission to come back to work to ensure the safety of his staff and students while his fellow officers chased a “bad guy” on the outside. While that is above and beyond the call of duty, those who know Officer Corby were not surprised. But the story doesn’t end there. Although students and staff were safe, the threat to the community was still very real. It takes a true public servant leader to remain engaged to the needs of those on the inside while honoring his commitment to protect all in his community.

"As Ms. Campbell stated in her nomination, I have no doubt in my mind that Officer Corby will do whatever it takes to keep our students, staff, and the entire Bristol community safe. For that, he has earned my utmost respect and gratitude, and it is my honor to join her in nominating him for the Bristol First award."

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