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Be a Good Human Award Winners

The E4E team is excited to recognize students, educators, and support staff members from a different school or department each week in our Be a Good Human campaign!

This Week's Winners:

Wyatt Harless, 1st Grader K-2 Student: Wyatt Harless, 1st Grader
Wyatt is a valuable and dependable member of our first-grade community. In the classroom, he always does his best and is always positive about learning. He also has a great attitude about completing hard tasks. Wyatt has that wonderful and all-important quality for success: grit! In addition, grown-ups around the building often see Wyatt being kind to all his classmates, checking on friends who may be having a hard day, and making sure everyone around him is involved and feeling welcomed. Wyatt is an exemplary Ram, and we are so proud of him!
Will Mancillas, 5th Grader 3-5 Student: Will Mancillas, 5th Grader
Will is a fifth grader that many would describe as a “quiet helper.” In the classroom, he is always kind to both his teachers and his peers. If someone seems left out, Will is the one trying to make sure they get involved. He’s very cooperative, and teachers say that he is someone you can always depend on to help when needed. Will does not do these things for attention but simply because that’s who he is: never seeking recognition but always seeking to do the right thing. We are so thankful for Will’s example in our Rams community!
Joseph Smithdeal, Frontier Health Counselor Support Staff: Joseph Smithdeal, Frontier Health Counselor
Mr. Smithdeal spends time with multiple students and small groups every day, and he has developed wonderful relationships with our Rams. They know he is someone they can count on when they need to talk, as well as someone to have fun with when they are being rewarded for something in the classroom! (Everyone knows Mr. Smithdeal’s room is the most fun room at Anderson!) Not only does Mr. Smithdeal positively impact our student Rams, but he’s also a welcome presence to our grown-ups. They all know that he is a call away if they need support at any time of day. He makes a real difference to our grown-ups because they know they have extra support ready and available, and that makes our school a happier place to be! Lastly, Mr. Smithdeal is someone who likes to have fun! Just check out the attached picture of him as our ”Elf on the Shelf” the week before Christmas. Our whole Rams community is so thankful for Mr. Smithdeal!
Melissa Thomas, 3rd Grade Teacher Certified Staff: Melissa Thomas, 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Thomas is one of our awesome third-grade teachers. She is a true servant leader at Anderson! Ms. Thomas notices what is unique and special about every person in the building, both students and grown-ups alike. She champions everyone, and she is the best cheerleader and supporter you could hope for. Ms. Thomas never seeks recognition or praise but leads by example every day. Not only does she do an amazing job during each school day, but she also works tirelessly in our after-school program to continue to help our students grow! Ms. Thomas, we are so thankful for you and all that you bring to our Anderson family!

Previous Winners:


  • Wyatt Harless, Anderson
  • Will Mancillas, Anderson
  • William “Key-J” Skaggs, Avoca
  • Isis Miller, Avoca
  • Raven Jarvis, Haynesfield
  • Caroline Michaels, Haynesfield
  • Moses Ong, Tennessee Middle
  • Charles Monroe, Tennessee Middle
  • Sophie Couch, Tennessee Middle
  • Harper Bell, Holston View
  • Ben Utsman, Holston View
  • Mikael Valentine, Farimount
  • Tmayah Moore, Fairmount
  • Ryley Pender, Tennessee High
  • Landon Johnson, Tennessee High
  • Keeyanah Foote, Tennessee High
  • Ellyson Kovacs, Tennessee High
  • Elijah Myers, Viking Academy
  • Skylar Nelson, Anderson
  • Paisley Daniels, Avoca
  • Sam Story, Haynesfield
  • Emily Whaley, Tennessee Middle
  • Jase Edmison, Holston View
  • Selena Lane, Fairmount
  • Sydney Gassiott, Tennessee High


  • Melissa Thomas, Anderson
  • Chelsea Hyden, Avoca
  • Kim Gassiot, Haynesfield
  • John McClain, Tennessee Middle
  • Heather Boatman, Holston View
  • Dyan Buck, Farimount
  • Matt Chandler, Tennessee High
  • Steve Anderson, Viking Academy
  • Moseley Snyder, Anderson
  • Meghann Ramsey, Avoca
  • Karen Duncan, Haynesfield
  • Ginger Davis, Tennessee Middle
  • Addison Powers, Holston View
  • Matt Pippin, Fairmount
  • Dereck Shipley, Tennessee High

Support Staff Members

  • Joseph Smithdeal, Anderson
  • Crystal Powers, Avoca
  • Holly Denton, Haynesfield
  • Teresa Rosenbalm, Tennessee Middle
  • Andrea Keesee, Holston View
  • Tina Witcher, Farimount
  • Becky Hughes, Tennessee High
  • Vanessa Tester, Custodial
  • Johnny Jones, Maintenance
  • Tanya Rios, Technology
  • Penny Jenkins, Administration
  • Scott Morrell, Transportation
  • Melissa Ledbetter, Viking Academy
  • Christina Clark, Anderson
  • William O’Dell, Avoca
  • Earl Doyle, Haynesfield
  • Susan Osburn, Tennessee Middle
  • Kathryn Netherland, Holston View
  • Mariah Clegg, Fairmount
  • Brenda Muncy, Tennessee High
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