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School Safety

About Safe Schools

Dr. Kristie Coleman, Supervisor of Student Services
Email Student Services 

Lt. Greg Brown, Bristol Tennessee Police Department SRO Supervisor 
Email Lt. Brown

School Resource Officers 

The Bristol Tennessee City School Resource Officer Unit is comprised of eight Bristol Tennessee City police officers who are assigned full time to Bristol Tennessee City Schools. The School Resource Officer Unit is supervised by Lt. Greg Brown, who oversees all SROs. Click here to meet our SRO team. 

School Safety

Bristol Tennessee City Schools strives to establish and maintain both physically and psychologically safe, orderly, and secure work and learning environments for all students and employees. Safe Schools are defined as schools and school-related activities where students and staff feel safe from threats and hazards that have the potential to impact student learning or participation in extracurricular events. 

What is the school district doing to keep students safe? 

  • Assigning full-time School Resource Officer to secure every campus 
  • Utilizing the SafeTN App to share suspicious activity or concerns. 
  • Contracting services with community organizations to provide mental health supports.
  • Utilizing Swift K12, a new communication platform, to provide updates and alerts to families via text, email, and phone calls. 

What are schools doing to keep students safe? 

  • Updating the school's security cameras and physical safety of buildings.
  • Practicing safety drills and training staff to respond to emergencies on campus.
  • Updating the school's safety plan to meet the evolving threat landscape.
  • Utilizing Raptor Visitor Management System and processes.
  • Providing school counselors and social work staff to assess student needs and provide supports for families and students. 
  • Ensuring school zone safety with protocols and resources for transportation safety.
  • Monitoring laptop and internet activity to alert school administration of inappropriate activity.
  • Implementing anti-bullying strategies and proactive student supports.

What are BTCS teachers doing to keep students safe? 

  • Creating a safe and engaging learning environment. 
  • Building strong relationships with students.
  • Monitoring Chromebook and internet activity. 
  • Utilizing Restorative and Trauma-Informed practices to support student behavior and well being. 

What can BTCS parents do to keep students safe?

  • Keep PowerSchool contact and custody information up to date for student emergencies
  • See Something, Say Something. Report any suspicious activity you see, hear, or read to BTCS and law enforcement tip lines as listed under reporting on this webpage.
  • Monitor laptop and internet activity. All students have filtering software installed, but we always recommend parental supervision when your child is online. 
  • Have regular conversations with your child about what information should remain private. Information such as names, home address, and telephone numbers should never be shared online.  
  • Start off the new year with a new password. Do not share passwords or lunch numbers. 
  • Have a safety plan for car riders, bike riders, walkers, and bus riders. Communicate with your student any school dismissal plan changes.
  • Download the below School Safety Toolkit for Tennessee Families. This resource presents parents with a toolkit to more easily prepare and engage in their child's safety at school.

School Safety Toolkit for Tennessee Families

What is an emergency and how should parents respond? 

An emergency is a sudden, unexpected, or potentially dangerous situation that requires immediate action. The response to any situation depends on the possible impact it may have on the people or facilities involved. 

When parents/guardians learn of a situation at a school, their first reaction may be to rush to the site to pick up their child. We understand that reaction, however, when numerous parents arrive at the same time, growing demands on access to the school and students can negatively impact both the ingress or response from law enforcement and supporting agencies.  

Bristol Tennessee City Schools will communicate as frequently as possible with parents/guardians to keep them informed during an emergency situation.

Here are some tips for parents/guardians when an emergency occurs on or near a Bristol Tennessee City Schools' campus.

  • Monitor your mobile device for SwiftK12 messages.
  • Check the Bristol Tennessee City Schools' website and social media for updated information.
  • In case of an evacuation to a second location, wait for communication from the school or district to find out the evacuation location.

Other Emergency Tips

  • Do not call the school. Try to keep cellular network usage at a minimum for a clear pathway to emergency agencies.
  • Keep your mobile devices with you to receive messages from the school and/or district.
  • The process may seem chaotic; however, district and school staff have trained and practiced for such eventualities.
  • The complete process in an emergency situation may take time and requires all stakeholder support for safety reasons of all students and staff. 
  • Remember that during certain emergency situations, such as a Code Red Lockdown, all school business will cease until the threat has been cleared.


There are two types of lockdowns used in Bristol Tennessee City Schools: Soft Lockdown and Lockdown/Code Red Lockdown.

Soft Lockdown 

  • A Soft Lockdown is implemented when no imminent threat is detected, such as in medical emergencies or an incident in the area (i.e. burglary or police investigation) that does not directly affect the school. 
  • During a Soft Lockdown, students stay in the classroom with normal teaching occurring, but students are not allowed out of the building. The Soft Lockdown can be modified at any time based on circumstances.
  • Parents are not notified unless there is an extenuating circumstance

Lockdown/Code Red Lockdown

  • A Lockdown/Code Red Lockdown is implemented only when there is an imminent threat to the schools, and parents are notified through SwiftK12. While parents will be notified, it may not be immediate, as the initial concern is making sure that the school is secure. During a Lockdown/Code Red Lockdown, everything stops in the building: instruction is stopped, classrooms are locked, students are removed from hallways, and there is no movement within the building.
  • Parents will be notified in a timely fashion. 

Evacuation & Reunification

Each school has multiple evacuation plans and a site they will initiate if there has been a traumatic situation or a facility issue at the school. Parents will be notified with instruction through SwiftK12.  

In the event that a school is forced to move to an offsite location, Bristol Tennessee City Schools will conduct a reunification of students with their parents/guardians.  

Reporting threats to harm self or others:

Any student who makes a threat against the school, others, or themselves will have a three-pronged approach that includes a mental evaluation, potential legal consequences, and school discipline.   

Need help? 

  • Talk to your school counselor or trusted adult
  • Make a referral to the school-based Frontier Health social worker
  • Text, Chat, Call 988 (Emotional Distress & Suicide Hotline)
  • Call 423-926-0940 or 1-800-273-TALK (8255) - Emotional Distress & Suicide Hotline
  • Visit your local emergency room 
  • Visit 24-Hour Walk-in Clinic - Turning Point - Don't have insurance?  Ask about SafetyNet

City of Bristol Tennessee Police Anonymous Tips Line

The TIPS phone line is accessed by calling 423-764-TIPS (764-8477). You can also provide a tip anonymously via email. Anyone providing information may remain anonymous if they wish.  

SafeTN App  - SafeTN Flyer

SafeTN is a secure, open door communications platform operated by Homeland Security where you can send in tips and access useful resources to help keep your school and community safe. 

What to Report:

  • Assaults 
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Bragging about upcoming planned attack
  • Violence or planned violence
  • Physical injury or harm to self or others
  • Threats of Violence 

Bullying Reporting - Please talk to your school counselor to report bullying or follow your school-level anonymous bullying reporting procedures. Board of Education Policy 6.304.

Other resources for bullying:

Report Child Abuse & Neglect: 
Phone: 1-877-237-0004
Web: in  non-emergency situations only.
Child abuse FAQ
False reporting can result in legal consequences.

Safety Questions: 

If you have questions about emergency procedures in our schools, please contact your school principal or Student Services at Email Student Services  

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