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Technology Support

BTCS Staff...

If you are having technical problems please...

1. Talk to one of your cohorts and see if they can be of assistance.
2. Restart or unplug and plug back in the piece of technology- laptop, phone, printer, etc.
3. Close the program and open it again, or try a new browser.

Having a problem with your classroom technology?  Please enter a Web HelpDesk Ticket by logging in with your BTCS email credentials HERE.

Having issues with Canvas, PowerTeacher, or PowerSchool Assessment?  See the tips and links below...

 Canvas Support  PSA Support

 PowerTeacher Support

1. Ask one of your teaching cohorts for assistance.

2. Student login issue?  Confirm with your school secretary that the correct username and email address are in PowerSchool for the student.  If changes are made in PowerSchool, Canvas will be updated overnight.

3. Click the help button within Canvas to contact Canvas Support. The help button is located in the lower left after logging in to Canvas.

4. If you need further assistance with Canvas, please use the following email address: [email protected].

1. Confirm that you are able to login and all of your classes and students are visible prior to the date of the exam. Teacher Login

2. Be sure that students are using the following link to login to PowerTest on their laptops. The URL is specific to BTCS schools. If students attempt to google the link, they will get an error message and will not be able to access the assigned test. PowerTest Student Login

3. Assign a PowerTest to your students prior to our district Pit Stop window. This will help ensure everything is performing at optimal levels before the date of the exam. 

4. Having students restart their laptops before taking a PowerTest will make certain that all programs that may be running in the background are closed.

5. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for PSA and PowerTest.

6. If students get a message referencing Adobe Flash Player, they can simply click through the prompts (2-3) to access the test.

7. Live Assist - Click on the Help icon (question mark in top).  A PowerSchool Live Assist Agent is ready and waiting to assist you Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. ET. Live Assist allows you to share your screen with the agent so that they can see your problem firsthand and help guide you to a solution in real-time.

8. If you need further support regarding PSA or PowerTest, please use the following email address: [email protected]

1. Ask one of your teaching cohorts for assistance.

2. Student(s) not appearing in your gradebook or student information not correct?  Check with your school secretary to make sure that the student has been completely enrolled and scheduled.

3. Student unable to access their PowerSchool account? Check with your school secretary to make sure they have the correct username and password entered in PowerSchool.

4. If you need further assistance with PowerTeacher or your gradebook, please use the following email address: p
[email protected]. 

Our online work-order and inventory system requires a login to access. Tech coaches use the system to escalate problems to a district-wide technician. Reports are also available on the site.
TotalTrac Plugins
TotalTrac Plugins
A number of plug-ins have been developed for the system to allow district personnel to run reports specific to our needs.
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