Special Education

LRE: Least Restrictive Environment
Children with disabilities must be educated in the school they would normally attend, unless the IEP requires otherwise. Children should not be removed from their home or zoned school if needed services can be provided in that location. Any potential harmful effect on the child or on the quality of services must be considered in placement decisions. After determining a child's need for special education services, the IEP team is responsible for developing an IEP designed specifically to meet the identified needs of the child. Least restrictive environment should be the foremost principle in guiding IEP teams in programming services for children. All programs and services must be considered in terms of what is least restrictive for each student. The general education classroom should always be the first consideration.

Deaf Education
The Bristol Tennessee City Schools has a certified Deaf Educator on staff to provide a variety of services to students who have hearing loss. A student can be certified as having a hearing impairment or deafness if the hearing loss impairs the student's communication skills and/or learning skills. Once the certification has been determined, a variety of supports and services are made available depending on the individual needs of the student and the IEP team recommendations.

Gifted Child Services
Intellectual giftedness is found throughout diverse populations and crosses all economic and cultural boundaries. The definition of a gifted-child is one whose intellectual abilities and potential for achievement are so outstanding that special provisions are required to meet his/her educational needs.
Eligibility for services as a gifted student is based on evaluation in each of the following component areas:

  • Academic Achievement

  • Creative Thinking

  • Academic Performance

  • Cognition/Intelligence

Gifted students are served in the least restrictive environment with supports and services from special educators. Gifted students in the Bristol Tennessee City School system are most often served via differentiated instruction in the general curriculum. The Individual Education Plan (IEP) describes, through goals and objectives, what services will be provided for the gifted student. Individual goals are determined based on the student's needs.

Preschool Program
Anderson Elementary School is the home of the Bristol Tennessee City Schools Preschool Special Education Program. Our preschool provides services for children from the age of three until they are eligible for Kindergarten. We work closely with Tennessee Early Intervention system to transition children into the program at the age of three when they have already identified special needs. Any child referred to us by parents, doctors or others can be evaluated and provided with services if they are eligible. We also include 4 to 6 typically developing children in the program each year. We feel that we have the most fun classroom in the system, and the cutest kids in the world.

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