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From its humble beginnings in 1888 on Anderson and Tenth Streets to its current location on Edgemont Avenue, Tennessee High School has been around for 131 years. During this century plus span, THS has graduated thousands of students who go into the world as more than just high school graduates, but as Vikings for Life. This is who we are made of.
Vikings for Life is a movement for all those who call themselves Tennessee High School Vikings. We are the brainchild of our current athletic director, Coach Barry Wade, and our goal is to oversee fundraising for all major capital improvements to THS; whether these involve athletic facilities, improvements to our classrooms or CTE shops, and/or needs by our fine art groups, the Vikings for Life intends to play a major role. Our goal is to choose one major capital improvement project per year and
focus on raising funds for said project. As we all know, these types of projects can range from simple to complex; and thus it may take more than one fiscal year to complete, but our intention will be to focus solely on said project until we see it completed.
But we are more than just a movement that raises money for improvements to our 80 year old building. We also want to be a group that celebrates the lasting tradition of competitiveness, integrity, work ethic, and excellence that has made Tennessee High the shining beacon of Bristol for over 100 years. We want to do this by commemorating current student achievements and honoring the alumni who have made THS what it is today.
So whether or not you can donate $10, $10,000, or no dollars, please know that this movement is meant for anyone who dawns the maroon and white and wishes to continue supporting Viking Pride!
Go Vikes!

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